I want someone I can live life with, get drunk on a Tuesday night with and fall asleep watching an old favourite movie. Someone who will lift me up when I’m at my worst and love me at my best. Someone who accepts my past and wants to make my future better. Somebody who will grow with me into our adult life but also someone who can play and act like a child with me. I need someone who can put me in my place politely when I’m wrong but who can also admit when they’re wrong. Someone who is in it for the long run, not someone who runs away when things don’t go the way they want.

To him

We knew each other a short week, you caught me at a weak point in my life, you showed me what it was like to be loved and I mean truly loved, you said all the right things at the right times, you instantly figured me out, you figured out all the ways to make me smile, to make me happy and to make me cry and when I did something you didn’t like you used that to your advantage, but I still loved you. I loved you so much, even on the nights you threatened to leave me on the highway when you were mad and the days you got up and walked out of the movie theatres leaving me there by myself because I said something that struck a nerve, I even loved you the nights you put your hands to me and anything else you could find when you were angry, from the dash of your car to your parents garden lights being broken I still was madly inlove with you because it was a vicious cycle you’d throw your tantrums then a hour later when you were done you’d be the guy I fell inlove with. I thought we had a love that would never be broken, until my birthday the night that completely ruined us. We were both selfish and childish and that never changed. I look back on pictures of us and I can’t tell if I was truly inlove or not.. I know the past 8 months I wasn’t truly inlove but before then was I inlove ? Were we inlove ? They say everything happens for a reason, I’d love to know the reason we went through everything just for it all to end suddenly and for us to move on and act like it never happened. I truly hope some day we both learn why, but until then I thank you for the good times, yes that’s right the good times it wasn’t all bad, the nights I spent cuddled in your arms waking up to you the next morning, the several sing singalongs we had in the car you hated but I loved, the times you spoiled me and treated me like a princess and the times we bonded over my starvation to learn more about your career so we could converse about it and of course our famous driving around doing nothing. In a way I’m thankful for our time together and in the future if I see you I will smile at you with joy. I hope your new relationship is everything you ever wanted and I hope she treats you like gold but most of all I hope you treat her like gold #love #tohim #note